With temperatures falling below freezing, your organization faces huge absenteeism; all thanks to the weather! Management dreads this season, and it’s not just because its holiday time. With all the ice, snow, travel delays and traffic, productivity is definitely not at its best. Now that’s not very convenient for your business, is it? But what if you have something interesting to circumvent this issue? What if you deployed VoIP technology to allow your employees to work from home this winter?

Current trends and changes in working culture means that almost all information workers will have the option of remote working by 2022, remote and flexible working isn’t a fad and in fact brings more benefits to your businesses than having employees on site at all times.

According to statistics, companies that have invested in technology that allowed their employees to work from home realized that:

Productivity rose by almost 20%
There was a 9.5% increase in the time employees actually worked for
Lower attrition
Lower absenteeism

Simply put – Increased productivity!!

Create a flexible environment at work

Working from home is becoming a great way to cut down on travel time, stress, fuel costs and is becoming a major employee benefit. Implementing work from home technology is easier than ever. One of the key components for this is the office phone. Moreover, adding this component is very easy.

First you need high speed internet access in the form of DSL or cable. The next thing you will want to explore is adding either a VoIP enabled phone system or adding VoIP to your existing phone system. VoIP technology allows you to harness the features and benefits of your company’s phone system remotely. Dialling from your office’s phone lines, having calls transferred, checking voice mail, intercom and conference calling are all typical system features needed to work successfully from home.

This means that if employees are unable to get into work due to unprecedented weather conditions, they are still able to log in and work at home just as if they were in the office. Furthermore, if your office is hit by power failure or heavy snowfall, business can still carry on in the homes of your employees.

VoIP enabled phone systems offer very high flexibility. IP based phone sets can be taken from office to home – office providing the same functionality whether you’re providing customer service, sales support or happen to be the operator. A soft phone is essentially software that can be loaded on to laptops or smart phones to provide a mobile IP phone solution. Add a wireless card or just use the wi-fi set up at homeand connect to your office. From a USB headset you can connect to the office and intercom, dial out, transfer and receive calls all while sipping good home made coffee!

VoIP – Flexibility that enhances productivity

The key thing about VoIP, is not its ability to provide cheaper calls. The point is that it enables smarter working, and integrates with the kind of flexible work implementations where very substantial cost savings can be made – for example rationalising property and reducing unnecessary travel.

Well, what about quality? These days the quality over a normal broadband connection is very good. Technology improvements and ever-increasing bandwidth mean that the uptake of VoIP is going to continue to increase. The traditional telecom companies are also developing their own VoIP offerings – in a few years time we can expect this to be a very competitive market.

And lastly, if you’re thinking about VoIP you are not alone. VoIP is one of the hottest technologies available. We can show you how your company can take advantage of voice over internet protocol.

As businesses recover from some of the worst storms in history, Rittenhouse Communications Group wants to remind organisations of the importance of planning ahead – if you do not have a Disaster Recovery plan in place, allowing employees to work from home will mean that parts of your business can still continue as usual if hit by disruption.

Please feel free to call us to set up a free disaster recovery and technology audit, you will be glad you did!

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