Rittenhouse Communications Group Launches Cloud Phone in Philadelphia

A New Kind of Small Business Phone System

Cloud Phone delivers simple but powerful functionality to your business. With Cloud Phone, the entire small business phone system is located “in the cloud”, delivered to you over the Internet using VoIP technology that enables and empowers your business.

The Benefits of Cloud Phone
Compared to a traditional phone service or office telephone system, Cloud Phone offers many advantages to help your small business thrive. Here are just a few…
Initial and Ongoing Cost Savings
With Cloud Phone, your small business phone system is operated and maintained by Voxox, so there’s no upfront investment and no repair, upgrade, or maintenance costs. Just your basic monthly fee, which is peanuts compared to buying and servicing a traditional high-end phone system.
State of the Art Phone Features
Just like a Fortune 500 small business phone system, Cloud Phone greets all your callers professionally with your company name, enables callers to connect to anyone in your company, enables instant conference calls, provides voicemail to email for every person in your company -just to name a few! Now your small business looks just like the big guys to the outside world!
Ease of Setup and Use
Cloud Phone is 100% web-based and comes pre-configured based on your specific business and users. Making adjustments or changes to your small business phone system is a snap, with no special skills or expertise required! You can access your Cloud Phone settings from the device of your choice, whether smart phone, tablet, or laptop. This takes your mind off technology and puts it back where it belongs: on running your business.