Securing You and Your Guests

We take pride in the systems we provide for our clients in hospitality. Our mission is to give your staff and guest the access to the best technology available, which keeping them safe and secure; online and on the premises.

See what is available for our clients in hospitality.

Access Controls

We provide access control solution to fit your needs. Our services include everything from swipe cards to biometric or facial recognition. Give your staff and guests the security they deserve.

Our Access Control Systems Include:

Wireless Lock Solutions

Wireless lock systems that integrate to the hotel’s PMS System

Prox Cards & Transmitters

  • Key Fob
  • Visor Transmitter
  • Card Access

Electric Strike Entry Systems

  • Remote Grant Entry Access

Access Control Peripherals 

  • Keypad – Interior/Exterior
  • Dual/Remote Proximity Reader
  • Remote Radio Receiver

Comxchange PBX

Integrated Call accounting and Guest management.

Our Comxchange solution provides reliable phone service at a fraction of the cost of the old Premises-based system. Voice mail for both staff and guest lines mean no one will miss an important call.


The backup you need

Stored locally on a dedicated server, these files can also be backed up to any other backup system (Tape, NAS, Ect.) either though RCG or system already in place.


Wireless access controllers

Provide security, reliability, and management for guest and staff wireless needs. Manage and monitor all aspects via the cloud to ensure that it always works the way you want.


Safe and reliable

We provide fast secure reliable network built specific for you to meet the demands of your data.

Monitoring and Management

Peace of Mind

Breathe easy knowing your entire system is being monitored and managed remotely in the cloud. Our group of network specialist will know of any service effecting issues or problems before you do.

our data.

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