Industrial and Manufacturing

Be Connected To Your Operations Network

Prepare your network for the multiple working devices used in everyday operations. From scanners, tablets, computers, and Wi-Fi enabled lighting security, RCG Telcom Services will:

  • Create a centralized management network location making it easy to operate and support multiple technologies in multiple locations.
  • Ensure network operations run smoothly so that your are on schedule and never behind the tech curve
  • Secure any onboarding devices that could cause network issues

We are here to take out the complexities and incorporate the simplicities of technology for your logistic needs.

Be Mobile

We understand that your devices need to accommodate the high performance of your organization. At RCG Telecom Services have taken out the complexities of traditional mobile networking and have custom designed your network to be fast, secure, and a highly reliable connection.

Be Central, Even As You Grow

Be connected all at one place, all at one time, no matter where you are located. With RCG Telecom Services, you can:

  • Access your devices at any location using our cloud technology
  • Be flexible. Unlike traditional commercial technologies, RCG Telecom Services platform allows you to have flexible management of all users, devices, and applications at all times
  • Be safe and secure with our enhanced visibility and control applications.

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